19 Prentiss Road  Unit 2


Phone: (781) 646-1630


Fax: (781) 641-4790



FEBRUARY  2018     




February 1Tuition Due

February 1- No School- Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 2- No School- Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 5 – 9 – Open Houses for new, inquiring parents- 10:00 – 11:15

February 5- Creative  Movement- Miss Jen.

February 6- Creative  Movement- Miss Jen

February 12- Pizza Party- 6:00 – 7:30 PM- Entertainment-Prince of Color

February 13- Coach John

February 14- Last day to vote for favorite Preschool- Reader’s Choice- Wicked Local

February 14- Valentine’s Day- Party donation lists for parties on classroom bulletin board

February 14- Nature- Miss Erica

February 16- Nature- Miss Erica

February 19 – 23-  No School- Winter Vacation

February 26- Yoga-Miss Deb

February 27- Yoga- Miss Deb

February 28- Coach John


REMEINDER:  No School –Monday- March 19th PAL: Conference- all teachers attend



We go outside in snowy weather, so please have your children ready for outside with boots, mittens and hats.  Thank you!


INCOME  TAX  IDENTIFICATION  NUMBER04-284-9487  If you need a letter for your income tax for “Dependent Care” with the total spent

For the year, please inquire in the office.


NEW  CHILDREN FOR 2018 – 2019:

We need three year old children for our 2018-2019 school year.  If any family from Sunshine recommends a child and they sign up, the office will deduct $100.00 from your child’s total tuition.



Every child in the school will make an individual bag or folder for valentine cards which will hang in your child’s classroom.  Children may bring valentines for their classmates.  Please Do Not Write Names On The Envelopes.  The children may write their names on the back of the cards and put them in blank envelopes.  Children can “deliver” cards by putting them into the individual bags by themselves.  Thanks!  It’s fun to be a mailman!



Children staying for “Lunch Bunch” must NOT bring peanut bod with peanut butter on it or in it to school!  We have a nut free school.  Always sign your child up for lunch bunch in the office and put their lunch boxes on the cart outside the office so we know those children that are staying for lunch. Thanks!



Thank you for all your saved items, we appreciate it.



We are now accepting applications for Pre-K for the 2018-2019 school year. After conferences and recommendations from your classroom teachers, you may obtain an application from the office or the classroom teacher.  Pre-K children must come to school four or five days per week.  The hours are 8:30 – 1:00 –five days per week.  All children are five years old by December 31st who attend Pre-k.



Please don’t forget to vote for “Favorite Preschool” in Reader’s Choice Awards for 2018- at  Thanks!












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