Information regarding tuition and admissions can be found on the Prospective Families page.  Our  History and Philosophy page gives more detail about our background and curriculum goals.


1. What will my child’s typical day be like? (Three-year old)
9:00  Free Play
9:30  Gathering Time
9:45  Activity Time
10:45 Snack
11:00 Outside
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Music & Story
12:30 Dismissal from the playground 

Younger Fours, Older Fours and Pre-K have earlier starts and dismissal at 12:30,12:45 and 1:00 respectively.

2. What is the curriculum at Sunshine Nursery School?
Our goal is for your children to have lots of successes, feel good about themselves, interact with other children, and enjoy coming to school for their first experience.  There are concepts discussed like colors, shapes, nursery rhymes, seasons, etc., but our primary mission is social and emotional development!

3. What is the adult/student ratio?
In our three year old classrooms we have nine children with two teachers
and a parent help.  The 4-year-old and Pre-K classrooms have 10-18 children with two
teachers and a parent helper.

4. How many children attend each day?
Our school has a total of 100 children – but with two day, three day and four
day choices we average 72 children per day.

5. Are there snacks or lunch included?
During the regular day, the children share a snack that the parent helper provides.  These usually consist of simple crackers and water.  Lunch is eaten in all classrooms between 11:30-12:30 with a lunch that has been provided from home.  The charge is $15.00 per day.  We also have early drop off at 7:45 with a $7.00 per day charge.

6. What are your dates and hours of operation?
Early drop off begins at 7:45

Pre-K: 8:30 -1pm

Older 4 year olds: 8:30-12:45

Younger Fours: 8:45-12:30

Threes: 9-12:30

Children may “Stay and Play” from the end of their regular day until 2 or 3pm for an extra fee.


Sunshine is a part time program-10 months per year, following the public school calendar closely.

See “Calendar – Events” for details for this year.

7. What is the tuition?
See “Prospective Families” and scroll to the bottom of the page for our
tuition schedule.

9. What type of enrichment programs do you offer?
In addition to the creative lessons children have in class, Sunshine also
contracts with the following providers -Creative Movement 2X/mo; “Coaches” 2X/mo (Physical Education); Yoga with Mrs. Ronga;
once a month with a Nature Specialist and once per month with either Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk, Kidstock, Curious Creatures and more.

10. Do you have services for children who speak other languages?
Our children that have a primary language other that English seem to learn
by playing, and interacting with other children and adults.  The children
learn very quickly!

11. Do you accept special needs children?
Sunshine welcomes special needs children whose individual needs are best
met within our regular classes.  We strive to provide appropriate
environments for challenged students.

12.  Are there opportunities for families to gather socially?
Sunshine sponsors several events each year so that families can get better
acquainted.  There are school picnics, pizza parties and pot-luck suppers at
the beginning and end of the year.  Additionally, families are required to
help with at least one fund-raiser per year to fulfill the “coop” aspect of
participation at Sunshine.

13.  What does semi-cooperative mean?
Sunshine’s semi-cooperative program allows parents the opportunity to help in the classroom a few
times per year and help with one fund-raising activity per year.